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ShenZhen GreenTouch Technology Co.,Ltd New website on line!
2018-11-24 11:42:09

Shenzhen Green Touch Technology Co. Ltd. new website online

Shenzhen Green Touch Technology Co.Professional Touch screen manufacturers and Advertising machine manufacturer,The company mainly develops and sells various types of advertising machines, Shenzhen touch one machine.

Touch display,Capacitive touch screen,Optical touch screen and Acoustic touch screen,The company has an advertising machine for the main products of the society.One machine, Shenzhen touch one machine, Shenzhen touch display, capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen, infrared touch screen, optical touch screen and sound wave touch screen.

The company's products have passed ISO9001 quality assurance system and ISO14001 environmental management system.The company has its own independent trademark Greentouch and has established a fully automated production line.

Product quality is strictly in accordance with the quality management system for production.Product quality management is an integral part of the company's operations.