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What is the reason for the growth of the touch one machine market
2018-11-19 15:46:54

The state promotes the long-term development of environmental protection, energy conservation and other products.Touch the all-in-one machineIt also reduces light pollution while reducing energy consumption.

  The projector's requirements for light are very demanding.Excessive ambient light directly affects product performance.The touch one machine solves this problem very well.

  It is not disturbed by outside light.It won’t be like a normal whiteboard.Encounter low light can not see,Or a situation that produces reflections.

  The touch all-in-one is a complex.Eliminates the tedious things of projectors,projection screens, stereos, controllers, and cumbersome connection controls.

  It also avoids the inconvenience that the ordinary whiteboard encounters the light on the projector and affects the image effect.In an era where the pace of life is getting faster,Convenience is efficiency.

  The size of the touch-one machine is increasing, and it can be free from the constraints of size, and the performance is getting higher and higher.

  It has many advantages such as waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, multi-touch support, and smooth writing.

  Touch screen products also cater to the requirements of the times, adding a safe weight to health and environmental protection.

  In this "people-oriented" era, users are paying more and more attention to their own health and environmental issues.

  The design of the touch screen integrated machine is diverse.Users can choose according to their needs.The multi-touch unit is suitable for a variety of scenes such as recording and live broadcast.

  The system supports multiple ways of inputting media content.Includes media resources (pictures, animations, videos, etc.) and live video input and output stored on the hard drive。