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What are the teaching advantages of the touch one machine?
2018-11-19 15:45:10

Intuitive,To break through the visual limitations,Observing objects from multiple angles,And can highlight the main points,Contribute to the understanding of concepts and the mastery of methods;

Pictures and images are harmonized to mobilize students' emotions, attention and interest.

Dynamic,Conducive to reflecting concepts and processes,Can effectively break through the teaching difficulties;

Interactivity,Students have more participation,Learning is more proactive,And through the creation of the environment,Conducive to students to form new perceptions;             

Through the multimedia experiment, the expansion of the ordinary experiment isrealized.And through the reproduction and simulation of real scenes,Cultivate students' ability to explore and create

Repeatability, which helps to break through the difficulties in teaching and overcome forgetting

Targeted, making teaching for students at different levels possible

A large amount of information and large capacity saves space and time and improves teaching efficiency