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Touch one machine daily maintenance method
2018-11-19 15:46:30

1. Touch one machine data line maintenance method: Do not frequently put the data line, avoid the data line socket damage, loose and cause the touch screen to query the power supply and touch failure of the all-in-one.

2. Touch screen display maintenance method: maintenance method:Do not crush the collision on the touch display area.The machine casing is always pressed against the touch area.Will cause the mouse to stay in a corner.  

3. Touch an integrated machine to place an environmental maintenance method:The touch screen queries the environment of the integrated machine when the temperature is low,May cause blurred images,The picture quality is degraded,So choose a place with a higher temperature,It is generally recommended to be placed indoors.

4. Maintenance method of touching all-in-one machine vent:Avoid clogging of the vents,There is a foreign object inside the machine that is blocked at the vent.It may cause electric shock or short circuit of internal parts.