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The technical term for touching the display screen of an all-in-one machine
2018-11-19 15:52:12

What is a pixel, pixel diameter, dot spacing

  The minimum luminous unit of the LED screen,It has the same meaning as the pixel mentioned in the ordinary touch-one display.Each of the LED display screens, which can be individually controlled, is referred to as a pixel.

  Pixel diameter:It means;The diameter of the LED illuminating pixel,The unit is millimeters.

  Pixel spacing:The center distance between the two pixels of the LED display is called the pixel pitch.Also called the point spacing,The denser the point spacing,The higher the pixel density per unit area,The resolution is also high,The cost is also high.Thesmaller the pixel diameter,The smaller the dot pitch.

What is a touch-one LED display module?

  Consisting of several display pixels,Structurally independent,The smallest unit that can make up an LED display

Unit board

   Is the main unit of the display,It consists of a luminescent material and a drive circuit.The indoor screen usually consists of a unit board.

   Module:The smallest display unit of the outdoor display,A plurality of light emitting diodes arranged in a certain order,By welding,The process of filling glue is packaged in a fixed membrane case.It becomes a module.

   Unit box:Is the main unit of the display,The unit boards are composed in a certain order.Outdoor screens usually consist of unit cabinets

What is DIP?

   DIP is the abbreviation of DOUBLE IN-LINE PACKAGE, which is a dual in-line assembly, mainly used for indoor full color screen.

What is SMT? SMD?

   SMT is a surface assembly technology.It is currently the most popular technology and process for electronic assembly.SMD is a surface mount device,For outdoor full color screens,A single point of maintenance is possible.Effectively overcome the mosaic phenomenon.

What is inserted lamp module, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

   It refers to a DIP package lamp lamp pins are inserted through the PCB,Filling the tin in the lamp hole by soldering,The module made by this process is a plug-in module.The advantage is high height, good heat dissipation, and the disadvantage is that the pixel density is small.