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Several basic types of touch screens
2018-11-19 15:34:42

From a technical principle to differentiate touch screen,Can be divided into five basic categories,Vector pressure sensing technology touch screen,Resistance technology touch screen,Capacitive technology touch screen,Infrared technology touch screen,Surface acoustic wave technology touch screen.

Among them, the vector pressure sensing technology touch screen has withdrawn from the historical stage;Infrared technology touch screen is inexpensive,But the outer frame is fragile, prone to light interference, distortion of the surface.

Capacitive touch screen technology design ideas reasonable,However, its image distortion problem is difficult to be solved fundamentally.

The resistance technology touch screen is positioned accurately,But its price is quite high, and it is afraid of scratching.

Suitable for all occasions,The disadvantage is that the screen surface if there are water droplets and dust will change the touchscreen slow, or even Don't work.