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Infrared screen advantages and disadvantages
2018-11-19 15:33:40

product description

Resistance to light design,Support single point and multi touch,Widely used in financial self-service,Telecommunications service,Public query,Advertising display,industrial control, Electronic education and gaming entertainment and many other fields.

Advantages of infrared screen

Strong stability,Don't because of time, changes in the environment and produce drift phenomenon.

Highly adaptable,Is not affected by Electrostatic interference,Suitable for some harsh environments.

High light transmission without intermediate medium,Light transmittance is ≥95%-100%.

Long service life,High durability for long time,Quick response speed

Good use performance,Touch Without efforts,No special requirements on the touch object

Support USB output

The touch points is single points,2/4/6/10 multi-touch。

Good operating system compatibility,Windows 2000/Windows XP/win7/win8/Linux

Shortcomings of infrared screen

Will be subject to infrared interference,Such as high temperature objects,Sunlight or remote control infrared source irradiating infrared receiving tube。

Will be subject to electromagnetic interference,Such as transformers, etc.