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Factors and benefits that users must consider when using an advertising machine
2018-11-19 15:51:45

Outdoor advertising machine,That is, it must be used outdoors,Used outdoors,You must consider his brightness,If the brightness is not enough,You can't see him clearly outside,

Secondly,Consider the heat dissipation of his outdoor temperature difference,If the heat dissipation is not good, a black screen is likely to occur.

Simultaneously,Also consider its dust protection in the external environment,Anti-theft,lightning strike and many other changestherefore,When the user advertises the machine outside the user The following factors must be considered:

1.Since it is outdoor, the brightness must be sufficient (1000-3000cd/m2)

2.Dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-electromagnetic interference

3.To handle heat dissipation problems well,The heat dissipation is not good,It is easy to cause local overheating.Lead to black screen

With the diversified development and application of multimedia,When using an outdoor advertising machine,Its benefits are more obvious.The main benefits are the following:

1.Outdoor advertising machine as a new media carrier,Appearance,Diverse styles.Advertising is more effective

2.Can quickly let you occupy the opponent's advertising resources

3.The new ad delivery model will also attract more people to pay attention to it.

4.According to different requirements, different advertisement screens can be played in a loop or in stages to achieve effective delivery of advertisements.

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