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Briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages of touch displays
2018-11-19 15:36:10

Introduction to touch display

   Touch displayIt’s actually very simple,It is to install touch-screen on the display,Make it a touch-enabled display,Currently popular on the market is the liquid crystal touch display.

   The touch display is not significantly different from the normal display when viewed from the front,From the back, there is just one more signal line, that is, the signal line connecting the touch screen.

   And the general display does not require a special driver,The touch display must have a corresponding touch screen driver when it is used.

Touch display advantage

   The android system necessary

   People who have used Android should be clear,If you're using android, it's best to use a touch screen,There are many places in Android that rely on touch-based operations.

Support handwriting

   Handwriting this function is not much used,But for the older generation,It may not be possible for them to type,And the touch display can write directly on the screen.

Text zoom

   This feature is also suitable for the elderly,Display resolution is getting higher and higher,Screen size is basically no change,Causes the font to be slightly smaller when watching news,And enlarge the font is especially convenient.


Move fast, click accurately

   Use your finger or pen to click on the touch display,Very accurate,When you read web news, you can click on the information link you want to see at once.

Touch screen weakness

   High cost, the price is more expensive,

   Many touch screens are expensive,As a new technology, new trends, touch displays are costly.

Easy to leave fingerprint marks

   It will leave fingerprints when touching the screen,The fingerprint trace will not be visible after the screen is lit,But in a black screen it can be found traces of fingerprints, which need to clean the screen, more trouble.