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Advertising touch inquiry integrated machine
2018-11-19 15:49:51

The hotel attaches great importance to the sense of space.Now apart from the space of architectural design,There are touch query all-in-one machine for hotels to portray digital intelligence space.

The hotel’s touch-in-one solution will be based on the hotel’s architectural design elements and System demands With a different screen design and planning,

Let every screen be fully integrated into the hotel's built environment.And with the color of the system program,structure,Content and smart interactive use, such as the changing multimedia approach to create a hotel space full of hotel features.

Show the digital humanities care details to show their feelings,Civilization infects the soul.The use of the touch inquiry machine in the hotel should not be just a single message.

More should be able to convey the civilization of the hotel through these radiant digital content and intelligent use.The hotel's brand influence,Win the trust and praise of the guests.

The hotel's touch-checking machine solution is not only a cautious digital system and terminal,It also shows the humanistic concern of the digital system for managers and audiences.