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Advantages of industrial touch one machine
2018-11-19 15:48:29

Industrial control operations more closely integrated production requirements,Human-computer interaction is more frequent,Therefore, almost all industrial integrated machines use touch screen instead of mouse and keyboard.(Several emergency buttons should be kept in an emergency)

In a nutshellIndustrial touch all-in-one machines have the following advantages:

1.Stylish, light and delicate. The highly integrated design is simple, not only saves space, but also reduces the cost of living, saving you high electricity bills.

2.The all-in-one machine saves space compared to a typical desktop.The host machine is the liquid crystal and a liquid crystal display,Speaker combined into one machine,

It puts the hardware of the host computer behind the LCD monitor.And try to compress it,Also built-in speakers,So that its volume as small as possible,This allows the user to save a lot of space on the machine.This has important implications for the "high cost of land," city users.

3.The price of the all-in-one is moderate.The integration of the all-in-one machine is high.Should it be expensive?Like many friends,After read some article said the high price of LCD one machine,

I began to think that this really should be.But after a deep understanding, I realized that this is not the case.

4.Good mobility and high portability. Because the LCD integrated machine is a collection of mainframes, monitors and speakers, its size and total weight are smaller than the average desktop, only 10 kilograms.

It greatly facilitates the user to move the machine.Its internal integration is very high,

The connection of each accessory is directly led out by the PCB.Some data cables from the past were omitted,In addition, the compact body also saves the cost of packaging and transportation in the past.